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  • Our Goal

    To provide global transport solutions for fresh fruit exporters from Chile and Peru to the different world markets.

  • Specialized Reefer Cargo

    We are prepared to offer to the exporting industry a fast, dedicated and direct transport solution.

  • Experiencia / Expertise

    We count with a team of professionals with more than 30 years experience on the transport of refrigerated fresh fruit cargo making Global Reefers the most reliable alternative for your fruit.



Seatrade, the largest reefer operator and owner in the world, a leader in specialized reefer logistics, and Pacific Seaways, the most important shipping group in Chile, created and managed by fruit producers and exporters, have joined forces to establish Global Reefers, a company which seeks to offer the industry the most efficient and specialized service for fresh fruit transport.

Pacific Seaways and Seatrade have sustained a 20 year commercial relationship. The new company established in Valparaíso, Chile, comes to strengthen its partners’ common objective of “ensuring reliable, fast, direct and dedicated logistics for the future”, as declared by its executives.

Global Reefers NV began operations in October 2013; its Board of Directors, including equal representation of both Pacific Seaways and Seatrade, has named Francisco Labarca, the current Executive Director of Pacific Seaways, the new company’s General Manager.

The new General Manager stated:  “the coming together of these two companies is a unique and distinctive way to cooperate which will allow the fruit and maritime transport industries to work jointly to consolidate the best alternatives for transporting fruit from Chile and Peru”.

With this in mind, the president of Seatrade, Yntze Buitenwerf, has declared that “our development goes hand in hand with the growth of our clients, and this platform gives us more possibilities to invest in the reefer business”.

Seatrade, based in Antwerp, Belgium, manages a fleet of more than 100 modern and specialized reefers. The variety of configurations, capacities and abilities within the fleet provides unprecedented flexibility. With a range of services that go from one-time trips, charters and freight contracts to fast, direct and dedicated line services, clients can rely on Seatrade to ship their products on time. A network of dedicated offices and agents helps to further increase its global presence.